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Our Products:- Vacuum Impregnation Plant

Vacuum Impregnation Plant The Vacuum Impregnation Plants can be designed as per clients’ requirements and is provided with the following specifications.


It is designed as per the schematic diagram attached and is used for varnish impregnation to be carried out in following steps:

Pre-heating the jobs in either Impregnation Chamber or Oven.

Evacuation of Impregnation Chamber (after putting the jobs) to make the voids in the jobs       clear and drying of jobs for specific time & required temperature / vacuum.

Induction of impregnant (Varnish) in the Impregnation Chamber from impregnant Tank to        submerge the jobs in it.

Pressurize the Impregnation Chamber with dry air or nitrogen to fill the voids with impregnant.

Return the varnish to impregnant Tank.

Evacuate the Impregnation Chamber and cure the jobs either in impregnation Chamber or in     Oven for specific time.

Impregnation chamber specifications:

Working Volume: 100 Ltrs to 5000 Ltrs. constructed from M.S. plates, bars, structural etc.

Working Pressure: @ 4 kg/ cm2 & Vacuum: As per process requirement.

Lid Opening: Screw Davit type for quick opening & closing.

Chamber Dimensions: as per job Size and Quantity.

Added provisions are Oil Heating / cooling Jacket, Quick Clamping bolts, Stirrer, Neoprene     Gaskets, Sight glass, Illuminating Lamp, Pressure Safety Valve, Vacuum & Pressure gauge.
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Manufacturing facility:

Many of our products such as Vacuum Drying Autoclaves and Vacuum Impregnation plant are manufactured as per client specifications. We custom design these products to suit customer’s requirements. We normally manufacture to order as many of the plants and equipment we produce are fabricated to customers’ specific requirements. We can also offer a custom-design service where we design and construct products that meet the required performance specifications and conditions. With advanced product development and manufacturing facilities we have the skills, experience and resources to provide the products and services that protect and maintain our clients’ plant and equipment. The various aspects of our products for which we can provide customization are :



Any other specification
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