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A brief description is given for your reference.
The pump will be driven by suitable sized AC drive to control the flow rate. By using these settings we can control the flow rate from i.e. If Plant is 6000 LPH then it will vary from 1000 LPH to 6000 LPH.
It is also necessary to select proper heat output for variable flow rates. This will avoid localized heating of oil for small flow rates.

This section will incorporate PLC which will control the heaters.

PLC will be used for control of heater groups, once certain flow rate has been selected, heaters will be configured automatically to suit that flow rate.

This control panel will be designed for reliable & trouble free operation.

By using the above system the major benefit is to have a single machine instead of different models for different capacities.
In this case, flow rate can be kept variable from 1000 LPH to 6000 LPH. Power saving of 30% can be achievable by using this system as compared with traditional oil filter system designs.
Press 'START' to start the oil filtration process.
All airing valves, oil inlet & outlet valve will close.
The rotary vacuum pump will start to achieve coarse vacuum.
After achieving coarse vacuum level, which the 'Vacuum Switch' will sense.
After achieve the desired level of fine vacuum in the plant, oil inlet valve & intermediate valve will open and the oil inflow will start due to vacuum inside the plant. The flow switch provided in the suction line of the plant will sense the oil flow & that signal will start the oil inlet pump. In case, the incoming oil flow is not there, HMI on the control panel will display 'LOSS OF OIL', with annunciation. One pressure release valve, provided across the inlet pump will control the excessive pressure rise in the plant.
As oil is filled in the degassing chamber, the high level float switch will operate & that will put 'OFF' the inlet pump & start the outlet pump. The starting signal to the outlet pump will open the outlet valve. As the oil level in the degassing chamber comes down, the high level float switch will start the inlet pump, again. Thus the oil circulation through the filtration plant will start.
After the continuous oil flow through the plant, the heaters will be 'ON'.
Temperature of oil will be controlled by TIC (Temperature Indicating Controller) & one safety thermostat will control the accidental temperature rise.
Thus the hot oil circulation through filters & degassing chamber will start resulting in the effective separation of solid impurities as well as dissolved moisture & gases from the oil.
During the filtration process, the necessary interlocks provided will avoid malfunctioning of the plant, like
1. High level float switch will stop the inlet pump, to avoid flooding of the degassing chamber.
2. Unless the inlet pump is 'ON' the heaters will not be energized.
3. Low level float switch will stop the outlet pump to avoid dry running of the pump
During the filtration process, the moisture meter, installed in the inlet line, will display the moisture content in PPM, continuously, on it's indicator, on the control panel.
Once the desired PPM (moisture) content is achieved, the moisture meter installed in the inlet line, will shut down the plant, automatically.
This plant will also run with Manual Interference means with Manual Operation.
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Many of our products such as Vacuum Drying Autoclaves and Vacuum Impregnation plant are manufactured as per client specifications. We custom design these products to suit customerís requirements. We normally manufacture to order as many of the plants and equipment we produce are fabricated to customersí specific requirements. We can also offer a custom-design service where we design and construct products that meet the required performance specifications and conditions. With advanced product development and manufacturing facilities we have the skills, experience and resources to provide the products and services that protect and maintain our clientsí plant and equipment. The various aspects of our products for which we can provide customization are :



Any other specification
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