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Our Products:- Mobile Transformer Oil Filtration Plant

During its operation of generating, transmitting and distributing power transformers give out heat which is absorbed by insulating oils. This oil has a tendency to absorb moisture from windings which leads to gradual deterioration of dielectric strength. Our filtration systems provide economical and efficient methods of purifying this lubricant. The unit consists of:

Filter Unit,

Indirect system of Oil Heating,

Vacuum Dehydration / degasification Unit

Condenser and condensate receiver

Feed and delivery pump

Piping & Valves

Control Panel

Components of Plant:

The filter unit is a coarse strainer with a wire mesh filter element for retaining solid particles and a powerful magnet for retaining magnetic particles. It has round filter paper discs held under spring compression. Specially designed heaters with low watt density heat the auxiliary heating oil, which in turn heats the transformer oil maintaining a temperature of 70-80 C. The cylindrical external pressure vessel is fitted with various shallow drip trays and a specially designed spray pipe to increase surface area. The vapor from dehydration chamber is condensed in a condensate receiver of welded M. S. construction. There are feed and delivery pump of rotary gear type coupled directly with motors. Water Separator Collect the water produced. A centralized control panel has indicators for all electrical devices.

Imported thermostat

Thermometer for measuring temperature

Pressure & Vacuum gauges

Flow control indicator

lectronic Float Control

Electrical instruments, voltometers and ammeters

Electrical overloads and overload releases for safety of motors.
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Manufacturing facility:

Many of our products such as Vacuum Drying Autoclaves and Vacuum Impregnation plant are manufactured as per client specifications. We custom design these products to suit customerís requirements. We normally manufacture to order as many of the plants and equipment we produce are fabricated to customersí specific requirements. We can also offer a custom-design service where we design and construct products that meet the required performance specifications and conditions. With advanced product development and manufacturing facilities we have the skills, experience and resources to provide the products and services that protect and maintain our clientsí plant and equipment. The various aspects of our products for which we can provide customization are :



Any other specification
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