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Our Products:- B.D.V Testing Kit

Oil Test set is ideal for speedy and acurate testing of di-i-electric strength of transformer and circuit breaker oil undertest room condition in acordance with IS:6792-1972 for oil testing



230 Volts, Single Phase, 50 Hz, AC.


Continuously variable from 0 to 50 Kv'or' 0 to 60 Kv,'or' 0to 100Kv,':


1000VA(1KVA ) DUTY: The Oil Test set will be designed for"INTERMITTENT" RATING

Nature Of Cooling:

The transformer will be epoxy resin cast type air-cooled type.

Generak Arrangement:

The set will be comprising of the H.T.transformer, controlcircuity Test cell with electrod & guage and will be supplied in portable air cooled sheet metal casing with powder coating of control cubical & H.T.transformer.


One continuously variable Auto-Transformer for smooth variation of out put voltage.

Beside the ON/OFF switch, fast acting Automatic tripping mechanism for protection of H.T.     Transformear gains to verloading on flash over.

One zero start inter locking device.

Two pilot lamps to indicate mains 'ON' & H.T.circuit 'ON'.

One input supply cable with 3- pin plug.

One memory effect voltmetetor show the break down voltag even I after the high voltage     circuiti stripped off.

Mode Of Operation:

Sets are available either in manual or in motor; operated mode. Beside motorized auto-transformer regulator for motorizesd et motoro perated Auto-transform can be operated in manual through switch.

H.T. Transformer:

High voltage Transrormer ration is 230v/ 50 Kv or 60 Kv or 100Kv or 120Kv with centre tap HV winding earthed .

Test Vessel:

The test vessel (OilCell)fittedwith two brasss pheres of diameter between12.7 to 13mm, placed at a distance of 4 mm or 2.5mm on sides of test vessel made from non-absorbenint sulating material.


Sets will be provided with transper an hight impacat crylic sheet cover for covering the H.T.side with suitable inter-locking device.
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Manufacturing facility:

Many of our products such as Vacuum Drying Autoclaves and Vacuum Impregnation plant are manufactured as per client specifications. We custom design these products to suit customerís requirements. We normally manufacture to order as many of the plants and equipment we produce are fabricated to customersí specific requirements. We can also offer a custom-design service where we design and construct products that meet the required performance specifications and conditions. With advanced product development and manufacturing facilities we have the skills, experience and resources to provide the products and services that protect and maintain our clientsí plant and equipment. The various aspects of our products for which we can provide customization are :



Any other specification

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